Wheel Alignment: Should you get one?

How to tell if you need Wheel Alignment Do you really need an alignment? Wheel Alignment (also known as tracking) is an essential aspect of vehicle maintenance. It describes the angle and direction your tyres are mounted. With perfect wheel alignment, your wheels will be pointing straight ahead, your tyres will be centred in the […]

Mechanical Repairs — copy

Mechanical Repairs We offer top quality servicing and repairs to all cars, SUVs and vans. Our experienced and professional mechanics will always deliver top quality repairs at affordable prices. Whether its a small repair, or a major overhaul, we will have your vehicle back up and running in no time

Brake Pads: All you need to know

How to tell if your brake pads need replacement. Are your brakes Loosing their bite? The most crucial aspect of your car’s safety system is its braking system. They enable you to regulate your car’s speed and safely stop it, and the brake pedal is the first one you’ll press in an emergency. Simply said, […]